I’m an academic sociologist finishing up a book on games and live-streaming. I’m happy to announce it is under contract with Princeton University Press and will be published not only as a traditional print book, but also available as a free pdf under a Creative Commons license.

My interest in the subject arose from the prior work I did on competitive gaming. When I was finishing the manuscript for my book on pro e-sports (Raising the Stakes, MIT Press 2012) live-streaming really hadn’t broken yet. In just the last year or two though it’s had a tremendous impact.

Once I started exploring the scene I also became interested in “variety” casters, those folks who aren’t a part of e-sports but are still using live-streaming to broadcast their play and share their gaming with others. I also started thinking more about shifts in the esports industry as a media outlet and all the people/companies building the platforms and technology to make it happen.

I’m in the process of finishing the manuscript now but f you hit the “live-streaming” tag on the right it’ll pull up some interviews I’ve given on the subject. Thanks for your interest in the project!