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Twitch talk

It’s no small thing when the platform you’ve been studying for quite a few years invites you in to give a talk and leaves it pretty open as to what you speak about. The invite said “We like to hear about how successful individuals got to where they are today and what they’re up to now” – gulp! Needless to say, I spent quite a bit of time mulling over what I might share that wouldn’t be old news to them ;)  I ended up trying to pull on a few threads from several of my major game research projects. I really enjoyed the visit and the great conversation. Here’s a VOD of if you are interested! Thanks again for the invite Lauren Forbes and Twitch!
Watch live video from TwitchOffice on www.twitch.tv

Podcast: On game studies and assorted topics

I was recently a guest on the really great Culture Digitally podcast. If you don’t know this site and project, it’s a fantastic initiative spearheaded by Hector Postigo and Tarleton Gillespie, two of my fav scholars out there. The site, and podcast, have been a interesting venue for conversations and explorations into cultural production and information technologies. Far too often games get scoped out of these kinds of projects, I think typically seen as just too trivial for such big thematics. I love that Culture Digitally has giving gaming a seat at the table. As I’ve long argued, many of our biggest, and most important, critical cultural conversations can be found playing out (oof, sorry) in gaming and game culture.

This episode of the podcast was a conversation between myself, Hector, and Casey O’Donnell. Casey has done terrific work on game development and Hector has been at the forefront of understanding cultural production in games.

Hope you enjoy the podcast and don’t let Hector fool ya when he says “okay, as we start wrapping up” midway through… some of the most fun comes after that!

Culture Digitally podcast, episode 4: Conversation on game studies, game development, and the construction of leisure and work.