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MIT live-streaming event pre-PAX

Update! You can now watch the VOD of the panel.

Great stuff from some talented folks – definitely check it out!


I’m thrilled to finally announce we are hosting an event about live-streaming here at MIT. It will be held the night before PAX East starts. It’s a great opportunity to come and learn about the state of the scene from some of the best folks working in it.

Thursday, March 5 from 6p-8p here at MIT, room 32-155.

The event is free and open to the public.

Full details can be found at http://gamelab.mit.edu/event/from-private-play-to-public-entertainment-live-streaming-and-the-growth-of-online-broadcast/.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

CBC interview on live-streaming

As I expected, Twitch Plays Pokemon (Joystiq article in which I’m quoted) kicked off a real wave of interest from mainstream media outlets about game live-streaming. I was recently interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about why people watch these channels. I think they did a good job covering the basics of live-streaming viewership so check it out!

CBC Spark with Nora Young segment on live-streaming

Whose Game Is This Anyway?’”: Negotiating Corporate Ownership in a Virtual World

“‘Whose Game Is This Anyway?’”: Negotiating Corporate Ownership in a Virtual World” in F. Mäyrä (ed.), Computer Games and Digital Cultures Conference Proceedings. Tampere: Tampere University Press, 2002.

Copy unavailable. Please refer to the chapter in my book Play Between Worlds for most up to date version of the argument.

Note: The request to “contact before citation” in the article  can be disregarded.