MIT live-streaming event pre-PAX

I’m thrilled to finally announce we are hosting an event about live-streaming here at MIT. It will be held the night before PAX East starts. It’s a great opportunity to come and learn about the state of the scene from some of the best folks working in it.

Thursday, March 5 from 6p-8p here at MIT, room 32-155.

The event is free and open to the public.

Full details can be found at

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


I’m super excited to announce that the live-streaming book I’ve been working on will be published with Princeton University Press as a part of their Studies in Culture and Technology Series (whose editors are the fab Tom Boellstorff and Bill Maurer). (Ms hand-in date is Feb 2015.)

I’m particularly excited that the press agreed to offer a free Creative Commons pdf version of the book available upon its release (along with a normal print edition). PUP is home for my co-authored methods book and it was a great experience working on that with them so am looking forward to this next venture!

CBC interview on live-streaming

As I expected, Twitch Plays Pokemon (Joystiq article in which I’m quoted) kicked off a real wave of interest from mainstream media outlets about game live-streaming. I was recently interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about why people watch these channels. I think they did a good job covering the basics of live-streaming viewership so check it out!

CBC Spark with Nora Young segment on live-streaming


MIT Press, the publisher of both my EverQuest and e-sports book, has just launched a new service – BITS – where you can get a single chapter, electronic and DRM free, of many of their titles for $2.99-$4.99. My chapter on computer games as sport has been selected for the program (@ $2.99!) and if you buy it during their big promo period right now it also comes with a 40% discount on the entire book (purchased through them). So, perhaps not such a bad deal all around!

For more info visit the BITS page for the chapter. You can also still also get the first chapter of the book free via the Raising the Stakes homepage.