As I expected, Twitch Plays Pokemon (Joystiq article in which I’m quoted) kicked off a real wave of interest from mainstream media outlets about game live-streaming. I was recently interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about why people watch these channels. I think they did a good job covering the basics of live-streaming viewership so check it out!

CBC Spark with Nora Young segment on live-streaming

MIT Press, the publisher of both my EverQuest and e-sports book, has just launched a new service – BITS – where you can get a single chapter, electronic and DRM free, of many of their titles for $2.99-$4.99. My chapter on computer games as sport has been selected for the program (@ $2.99!) and if you buy it during their big promo period right now it also comes with a 40% discount on the entire book (purchased through them). So, perhaps not such a bad deal all around!

For more info visit the BITS page for the chapter. You can also still also get the first chapter of the book free via the Raising the Stakes homepage.

I love podcasts and so admire the folks who do the Social Clarity one – Randy Farmer, Scott Moore, and Marc Smith. They are all pioneers in understanding virtual worlds and communities online. Needless to say, I was really excited when they invited me on to talk about live-streaming and e-sports. You can listen to the episode online, which also includes a cool interview with Jeffrey “Trumpsc” Shih, a popular streamer. Hope you enjoy!

Social Clarity podcast, episode on live-streaming and e-sports.

I’m really proud of my co-authored book Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: A Handbook of Method written with the fab Tom Boellstorff, Bonnie Nardi, and Celia Pearce. I learned so much from them, and the process, and it’s been great to see the book go out into the world and get some nice feedback (CSCW, American Ethnologist, LSE Review of Books, Leonardo). Enough folks asked us how we wrote a single-voiced monograph with four people that we have just published a short piece in the ACM magazine Interactions explaining just that. It talks a lot about the tools and the process. Hope some of you find it of interest!


Boellstorff, Nardi, Pearce, and Taylor (2013). “Words with Friends: Writing Collaboratively Online,” Interactions, Sept/Oct: 58-61.

The start of the term is just around the corner so I thought I’d go ahead and post an update about where I’ll be speaking this fall, in case you happen to be in the neighborhood.

- Keynoting at FROG (Future and Reality of Gaming) conference in Vienna, Sept 27-29.

- Invited plenary speaker at AoIR (Association of Internet Researchers) conference in Denver, Oct 23-26.

- Invited speaker at The Participatory Condition colloquium at McGill, Montreal, Nov 15 & 16.

Hope to see some folks in person this coming semester!