Sometimes people ask me if there is a particular clip of a player or video from e-sports that really illustrates the scene. This is actually something I became more interested in during the course of my own fieldwork as I found myself taking more and more pictures at tournaments – words sometimes feel like they alone don’t do it justice. Indeed my e-sports research has got me thinking a lot about visual sociology, something I hope to build into projects from the outset more in the future given how incredibly useful and illustrative this kind of material can be. Tournaments are active spaces, full of movement, affect, intensive player action, and often equally focused spectatorship. At some point I hope to put at least a selection of my own images up (sadly the handful in the book are only in b&w) but for now what I point people to, and what I often open my own talks with, is the truly beautiful short movie of EVO 2011 “Moments” by Richard Li. The EVO Championship Series is one of the largest fighting game tournaments out there (2011 had 2,400 fans and players on site and huge online audience via Ustream). What is so terrific about this video is it captures the energy of the crowd, fan passions, and the intensity of play. So, here you go. Well worth a watch!