Twitch talk

It’s no small thing when the platform you’ve been studying for quite a few years invites you in to give a talk and leaves it pretty open as to what you speak about. The invite said “We like to hear about how successful individuals got to where they are today and what they’re up to…

SportsMedia Podcast Series

I was excited to get a chance to be on Brett Hutchin‘s SportsMedia Podcast Series recently where I spoke about esports, streaming, and AnyKey. Brett is a fantastic media and sports scholar so being able to talk to him in depth about these subjects was an amazing opportunity!

AnyKey at TwitchCon 2016

It was exciting to get to attend TwitchCon again this year and I wrote up some reflections on our AnyKey initiative there this year and what esports can learn from variety streaming. You can check the post out over at the AnyKey site.

AnyKey updates

It’s been a busy semester since we announced the launch of AnyKey! We’ve released a number of whitepapers on subjects such as community management and moderation, patterns of participation at esports events, and major critical issues. Learning how to produce short overview pieces like this has been a whole new challenge and I’m looking forward…

AnyKey launches!

I’m so excited to be a part of a AnyKey, a new partnership between ESL and Intel to support and grow inclusivity in e-sports. This initiative has been in the works for a few months now and while we just announced, we’ve already been at work bringing in industry stakeholders as well as undertaking research…