SportsMedia Podcast Series

I was excited to get a chance to be on Brett Hutchin‘s SportsMedia Podcast Series recently where I spoke about esports, streaming, and AnyKey. Brett is a fantastic media and sports scholar so being able to talk to him in depth about these subjects was an amazing opportunity!

AnyKey at TwitchCon 2016

It was exciting to get to attend TwitchCon again this year and I wrote up some reflections on our AnyKey initiative there this year and what esports can learn from variety streaming. You can check the post out over at the AnyKey site.

Lecture at Swedish Technical Museum

Having lived in Sweden for many, many years I’m always thrilled when I get a chance to go back to my second home :)  This summer I not only got to go to DreamHack again (my 4th time!) but started off that trip with a stop in Stockholm to give a lecture. I was fortunate…

Twitch Creative launch interview

I was happy to get a chance to talk to Nora Young again over at the CBC’s Spark program about the recent launch of Twitch Creative. There have been a lot of interesting channels percolating on the platform that go beyond the bounds of strict gameplay and Twitch seems to be slowly integrating them. From…

Old (2013) live-streaming lecture

Found a recording of a talk I gave on live-streaming back in 2013. Definitely some tweaks I’d make to the argument now, but a lot of the core stuff still holds for my current thinking. McGill Participatory Condition conference lecture.